Our mission is to “lead children to Christ by providing quality learning experiences that will enrich children’s lives in a loving and nurturing environment.”

Offering a high quality learning environment 2, 3, or 5 days a week!

Parent/Staff Group

Parents come together to provide support for our school through: school projects, helping with school events, & fundraising.

Bring your children a sack lunch to have a picnic with the teachers. Childcare will be provided by the COF staff and all children are welcome.

“Our Pre-school is an environment where we lead children to Christ in a loving and nurturing environment.”Anne Clark, Director

Our Teaching Philosophy

Children are a precious gift from God. All children are important and have the desire to learn. Our job is to determine how they learn best and provide that opportunity for them. Children learn by doing and by seeing what we, as adults, do. So, we will live each day with them in a manner that fosters their Christian development as well as their cognitive/language, motor, physical, psychological, and emotional development. All areas of learning are best integrated throughout the curriculum. We feel children learn best in an environment where they are involved in developmentally appropriate practices, as set by guidelines developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.


  • Ms. Cicchini – School Director
  • Mrs. Martinez – Assistant Director & Pre-K/Kindergarten
  • Mrs. Jodi – Multi-age/Lead Teacher
  • Mrs. Amanda – Assistant
  • Mrs. Lexie – Assistant

Prices for the School 2019/2020 School Year

Pre-Pay Tuition by July 9th, 2019 & January 8, 2020 to receive a 3% discount OR a second sibling discount of 5%.  SCROLL DOWN to view monthly rates by day and/or age group.

Non-refundable Preschool Registration Fee

  • $150.00 per year (For 1st Child)
  • 2nd Child Sibling Discount–$125
  • 3rd Child Sibling Discount–$125
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Classes Offered

AgeDayTImeStudent to Teacher Ratio
2 & 3 year oldsMon/Wed/Fri 9 AM - 12 PM1 to 7
4 year oldsMon/Wed/Fri9 AM - 12 PM1 to 8
Multi-Age ClassTues/Thurs9 AM - 12 PM1 to 7
Pre-K/Kindergarten Class (1/2 Day+Lunch)Monday–Friday9 AM - 1 PM1 to 8
Pre-K/Kindergarten Class (Full Day)Monday–Friday9 AM - 3:15 PM1 to 8

Tuition Rates
(Based On 9.5 Month)

School Calendar

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